A la carte​ menu

Large selection of Italian specialties​

At Fiore d'Italia we offer our guests a rich variety of delicious Italian specialties. 

You will find the complete menu below.

You can also choose to have our popular 3-course menu.

See the 3-course menu​


For information about possible allergens, please contact us on phone 33 32 18 17 or via the contact form.

Bruschette & antipasti​


2. Bruschetta Nordica

Toasted bread with butter, smoked salmon and salad.

59 kr.

3. Bruschetta Capri

Toasted bread with olive oil, tomato, spring

onion, garlic and basil, gratinated with


55 kr.


8. Prosciutto Crudo e Melone

Honneydew melon with parma ham.

95 kr.

9. Carpaccio di Manzo

Carpaccio of thinly sliced veal filet with ruccola and flakes of parmesan, drizzled with lemon and Extra Virgin Olive oil.

119 kr.​

10. Impepata di Cozze

Mussels steamed in white wine with parsley, garlic and black peper.

109 kr.​

12. Piatto di Antipasti

Selection of Italian specialties. Served with freshly baked bread.

129 kr.

13. Vitello Tonnato

Thinly sliced veal filet with creamy tunasauce.

139 kr.

Salads & Soups


15. Insalata alla Caprese

Fresh buffalo mozzarella with sliced tomato and fresh basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

125 kr.

​16. Insalata di Cecare

Romainesalad, grilled chicken filet, bread croutons, flaked parmesan and cesar-dressing.

109 kr.​


18. Crema di Pomodoro

Creamy tomato soup.

89 kr.

19. Zuppa di Aragosta

Creamy lobstersoup.

119 kr.

Risotto & Pasta


​20. Risotto alla Piemontese

Risotto with porcini and parmesan.

​175 kr.

​21. Risotto alla Pescadora

Risotto with seafood.

​195 kr.


22. Tagliatelle “Fiore d'Italia”

Ribbon pasta with strips of beef tenderloin and porcini in truffle sauce.

179 kr.​

23. Linguine alla Bolognese

Linguini pasta with meatsauce.

135 kr

24. Linguine alla Carbonara

Linguini with pancetta and creamy sauce

of egg yolk and Pecorini and Grana Padana


149 kr.

25. Linguini alla Marinara

Linguini in tomato sauce with seafood.

189 kr.​

26. Lasagne Bolognese

Lasagna with bolognese and bechamel sauce.

135 kr.​

27. ​Linguini alla Portofino con Cozze

Linguini with garlic, tomato, chili, white wine and mussels.

159 kr.

28. Penne al Salmone

Tubed pasta with salmon, cherry tomatoes, cream and tomato sauce.

169 kr.​

31. Tortellini Vegetariana

Tortellini filled with riccotta and spinach

with zucchini, eggplant, ruccola and flaked


145 kr.

32. Ravioli di Porcini con Crema di Tartufo

Ravioli filled with porcini in truffle sauce

with flaked parmesan.

175 kr.


​Real Italian pizza from the stone oven

​All our pizzas are prepared with fresh mozzarella and baked in our woodfired stone oven.

​Extras for your pizza

Extra toppings: +15 kr.

Have your pizza with fresh buffalo mozzarella: +30 kr.


33. Pizza Margherita

With tomato sauce and mozzarella.

109 kr.

34. Pizza Prosciutto

With tomato sauce, mozzarella and ham.

119 kr.

35. Pizza Salame

With tomato sauce, mozzarella and Italian salami.

119 kr.

36. Pizza al Pesto

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, pine nuts and olives.

119 kr.​

37. Pizza Hawaiana

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham and pineapple.

119 kr.​

38. Pizza Capricciosa

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham and mushroom.

125 kr.​

39. Pizza Calzone

Folded (closed) pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella and ham.

119 kr.​

40. Pizza Napoletana

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives and anchovies.

125 kr.​

41. Parmigiana

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, eggplant and parmesan.

125 kr.​

42. Pizza Vegetariana

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled bell peper and artichokes, onion and olives.

129 kr.​

43. Pizza Quattro Stagioni

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, shrimps, mushroom and artichoke.

139 kr.​

44. Pizza Parma

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, parma ham and ruccola.

139 kr.​

45. Pizza “Fiore d'Italia”

With tomato sauce and mozzarella, strips of veal filet, cherry tomato, chili and onion.

149 kr.​

46. Frutti di Mare

With tomato sauce, mozzarella and seafood.

139 kr.​

47. Gorgonzola

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, gorgonzola and speck (smoked ham).

139 kr.​

48. Pizza Quattro Formaggi

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, riccotta, parmesan and gorgonzola.

145 kr.​

49. Pizza Carpaccio

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, bresaola, ruccola and parmesan.

149 kr.​

​50. Pizza Polaola

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken filet, zuccini og cherrytomatoes.

129 kr.​

​51. Pizza Italiana

With tomato sauce, mozzarella, meatsauce and onion.

119 kr.​

Pizze Bianca

52. Pizza Croccante

With potato, pancetta, mozarella and


129 kr.

53. Tartufata

With mozarella, truffle and porcini.

145 kr.

Meat & Fish

All main courses are served with garnish of the day.


55. Salmone Grigliato

Grilled salmon filet.

205 kr.

56. Salmone allo Spumante

Salmon filet with spumante sauce.

215 kr.


60. Filetto di Manzo “Fiore d'Italia”

Beef tenderloin with porcini and truffle sauce.

259 kr.

61. Scaloppine

Veal filet with a choice between three sauces:

  • Gorgonzola- and mushroom sauce

  • Porcini-mushroom in truffle sauce

  • Marsala sauce

205 kr.​​

65. Saltimbocca alla Romana

Veal fillet with parma ham, sage and mozzarella in white wine sauce.

215 kr.​

66. Tagliata al Pepe Verde

Sliced ribeye steak with cognac and peper


249 kr.

67. Agnello alla Griglia

Grilled lamb crown with rosmary sauce and garlic.

245 kr.​

For the Children

53. Piastra per i Bambini

Choose between:

  • Pizza Bambino (with tomato sauce, mozzarella and ham)

  • Lenguine alla Bolognese (spaghetti with meat sauce)​

  • Lasagne Bolognese (lasagna with meat sauce and bechamel sauce)

79 kr.

Cheese & Desserts

78. Selezione di Formaggi

Selection of Italian cheese.

95 kr.​

80. Gelato Misto

3 scoops of Italian icecream served with chocolate sauce, flaked hazelnut and whipped cream. 

59 kr.

82. Tartufo al Cioccolato

Chocolate truffle-icecream lathered with espresso. Choose between white or dark chocolate.

65 kr.

83. Tiramisu

Homemade tiramisu.

59 kr.

84. Sorbetto al Limon

Lemon sorbet with limoncello liquor.

​65 kr.

85. Panna Cotta

Italian creme dessert - one chocolate and one vanilla with caramel. 

55 kr.

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Fiore d’Italia is an Italian restaurant on Gothersgade in Copenhagen. With our central location you are close to the vibrant life of the city as well as the green surroundings of the park.

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